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Про Нас

About Us

Our Mission:

The main purpose of Association is to exercise and protect the rights and freedoms, as well as ensure the satisfaction of the social, cultural and other interests of its members; to unite the efforts of its members to promote the development of trauma therapy through psychological counseling, education, and protection of the public interest.

The main tasks of the Association are:

• To promote reforms in the field of psychological counseling to reflect the internationally established standards of mental health counseling and traumatherapy;
• To implement projects aimed at the development of psychological counseling and traumatherapy in Ukraine;
• To disseminate information about psychological help to the population.

Branches of Association:

• Trauma Therapy  

• Marriage & Family Counseling

• Child & Adolescent Mental Health Counseling

Directions of work:


• Development of regulations, laws, standards, and requirements for psychological counseling and trauma therapy in Ukraine;

• Promote ethical standards of clinical practice;   

• Development and implementation of projects and programs that provide legal, social, and humanitarian assistance to citizens of Ukraine, citizens of other states, and stateless persons;

• Development of psychological counseling education in Ukraine;

• Facilitate professional trainings, workshops, and other programs in Ukraine in accordance with international standards;

• Promote new research based methods of psychological counseling and trauma therapy;

• Provide informational support for psychological counselors, including child and adolescent counselors, marriage and family counselors, and traumatherapists;

• Exchange of research and clinical experience among psychological counselors, as well as advance progressive forms of work;

• Conduct and promote research on the development of psychological counseling and trauma therapy;

• Promote a culture of psychological assistance.


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